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At the age of 20, I decided to leave the Swiss mountains where I had grown up to go explore other continents, driven by my curious nature and desire to understanding other people and places. Being exposed to completely different cultures and lifestyles confronted me to my own privilege, and I have since never stopped seeking ways to being a part of the change our societies so desperately needs. I earned my bachelor's degree in International Studies with the Open University whilst acquiring a broad range of experiences around the globe, which allowed me to develop a unique perspective on the world. 

My innate passion for writing and storytelling inspired me to document the precious life lessons that my unconventional path taught me through a personal blog, as well as books. It has also led me to pursue my master's degree in International Journalism at Cardiff University. Having chosen a documentary pathway, I have been able to learn new and exciting ways to tell stories that matter through filmmaking.

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